We are an investment solution for family offices and high net worth individuals, with longstanding relationships with both these groups, supporting investments into three areas:
(1) Private Equity (2) Real Estate and (3) Special Projects.

Private Equity

We work with an aligned syndicate to invest in businesses centred around three main
sectors: Technology, Energy/Renewables and Retail, running through the veins of these businesses is the drive to make and enable sustainable change.

Real Estate

We support investments into properties principally located in London and greater London,
with other strategic properties outside of the capital. It is key that we add value to society,
this is ensured through a conscious effort to engage with communities, neighbours and councils.
This focus has produced well-established partnerships that have been built across the full value chain.

Special Projects

This branch of Frontive services works on larger scale projects, currently these include:
– Fairgreen Energy
– Greystone Brazil Mining
– Al-Khaldiya Mining

Full Disclaimer

Frontive Holding Services Limited is an Appointed Representative of Privium Fund Management (UK) Limited (“Privium”) which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) in the United Kingdom.